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Monday, June 27, 2011


(for the record, I have no idea what that means.. – Ashley)

Yesterday was probably one of the happiest days of my life.  First, at church they had the best farewell missionary sacrament meeting. It was just like in the movie the other side of heaven, no joke.  So it wasn´t intended to be like that but thats how it ended up.  So one of the sisters spoke as the last speaker and she talked about how accomplished she felt when she went out and helped us once with a lesson.  She just went on and on about how great we were and how great missionary work is.  Three of the Four elders in the ward are being transferred, so she talked about how much she would miss us and how we actually did a lot of work compared to elders in the past.  It was great.  And then, the bishop called Elder Burdette up to give his testimony and it was just wonderful, then the bishop said we were going to change the closing hymn to "Hasta ver" (God be with you till we meet again) and they invited the 3 of us onto the stand, and we all stood and sang it. I lost it.  I don´t know what got into me but I just couldn´t hold in the tears.  As I stood in front of the congregation, looking at all their smiling faces and I lost and just starting the waterworks.  I worked with these people and reactivated quite a few of them and seeing them smiling at me, I feel that I can´t even describe the love I felt.  When the song was over, I went back to sit with my family (the ones we baptized) and they all had tears in their eyes and it was such a beautiful moment. 

I have seen 2 big miracles while I´ve been in Málaga.  One, is that I helped bring a family that was inactive come back to active status, and I just love them so much, the Pávez family from Argentina and I seriously think of them as family.  They are so dear to me and close to my heart.  It was funny, when we told them that I was getting transferred and my comp was staying, they were pretty bummed. They like me 10x more! haha. anyway, and the second one is that we found, taught, and baptized the Martínez family.  And I love them just as much as the other family, if not more.  I really don´t think I can express the love or feelings that I have felt in these past few days. It was just amazing.

So funny story now.  So at the baptism, the water wasn´t started in time so it was pretty shallow.  So the mom, Veronica is a bit bigger and taller, we decided that I would baptize her.  I had to baptize her SEVEN times in order to get her completely in the water! what a pain! haha, but she was a great sport about it and now the mission president(who was in attendance) is making an example out of us to make sure the water gets started on time! haha.  But it was a beautiful event and get this, almost the entire ward was in attendance, it was amazing! I have been so blest to have been able to serve in this Ward!

Ok, so transfers, I´m headed to the one place I didn´t want to go for the summer. wait for it...wait for it...SEVILLA! UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

and on top of that, I´m not in the city, I´ll be in a little town.  The best comparison I can make is, its like me living and serving only in the town of herrenburg.  We´ve got a branch up there with 15 members with 7 active. But I´m ready for the challenge! I hope! haha. Its funny, whenever I tell people where I´m going, they tell me they´ll pray for me!  Sevilla is the hottest city in Europe with temperatures up to 130ºF.  Pray for me. When the president called me to tell me he said, your is hard area and has a bad reputation, but I´d like you to change that. First of all, WHY would he tell me that! but whatever, I´m excited to raise this little town out of the ground! I´ve been in a little town for most of my mission so far, so how bad could another one be right!? haha.

well, that´s about it for me!

oh yea, here is my address for the next 4-6 months

Elder Jason Hunt 
Calle Avena 7
41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla)

Monday, June 20, 2011

One Week Till Transfers!

I´m about ready to kill my companion.  But I can do it.  I only have a week left and on thursday I´ll find out where I´m going to be transferred! I´m pretty excited and nervous about that!  I absolutely LOVE Málaga and I love our ward here.  Málaga is the coolest place in the world. But when I say cool, I don´t really mean that, it was about 45º C the other day.  I thought I was going to melt.  The heat and humidity don´t bother me too much, but then, I´m in long pants and shirt and tie. That´s when it starts to bother me.

Nothing too big or grand happened this past week.  However, on saturday, two drunk guys walked by us and said  ¡Creo en Dios! (I believe in God!) and then he got on the ground and started bowing and "worshipping" us.  All  the while his buddy was busting up laughing. It was pretty weird.

So we did not have a baptism this past weekend because the investigator is loco.  She has been investigating the church for 2 years and still hasn´t been baptized.  She has had several baptismal dates, but when it comes close she runs away.  The same thing happened this time.  The weekend was coming up, and she said that she HAD to take some vacation deal to Madrid.  So she took off.   I´ve lost my charity towards her. hah.

BUT, this sunday we have a big baptism for the Martinez family and I am so excited for them! They are just great and I love being in their home teaching them! All 4 of them will get baptized, we would have 5 but the daughter is only 7, so she´ll come later!

Well I don´t have much else to say, this week has been way hot and sadly way long.

Remember how in Okinawa we would find shirts with english on them that wouldn´t make much sense? well we´ve got those in spain too. I actually bought it cause I loved it so much. haha, it said in big worlds " Life is too short" then underneath in smaller words it said " Don´t follow your dreams, chase them" then in even smaller words it says "may the force always be with me".  but the best part is that behind it is a picture of a roaring lion.  Its not nearly as poorly translated as in Japan, but its still pretty good.  I like it, haha.

Well I hope everyone has a fun week! I hope to see lots of fun pictures next week! Vale?!(Okay)

I love and miss you!


Oh yea, the family we are teaching just got a puppy.  Isn´t he just precious!? he is a german shepherd and lab mix. Or in other words, he´s gonna be big.

Os Quiro!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Humbling Week and Pictures

Well this week was...humbling.

Last week was just a week of fire and lessons and investigators and just progress.  But sadly it didn´t last.  This week was disappointing to say the least.  But the mission can be pretty disappointing at times.  I´m sending a lot of pictures because we had a lot of time to take pictures. haha.  So first of all. Last P day our washing machine broke, so this project took up the whole P day. Elder Blanch and I took it completely apart and then back together and now it works.  So there is something new on my Manly skills list the mission has taught me: How to fix a washing machine.

We read the scriptures everyday and I just love them.  The crazy thing is that on the mission, the scriptures really become alive.  We were in Casarabonela this past week and we went to the top of an appoartment building so we could just start knocking on doors.  But there was an open door that lead to the roof, so of course, we wanted to check it out and see if there was a sweet view.  Bathsheeba was up there waiting for us.  We got to the top, turned the corner and BAM, naked woman sunbathing, needless to say, we hightailed it out of there in a heartbeat!  Also, on that same day, in personal scripture study I was reading about Korihor the Anti-Christ and Elder Redd read in Jacob about a different anti-christ.  So we joked in companion study that we were going to find an anti christ.  That night at an appointment, we encountered an anti-christ.  This guy was crazy.  Whew, I don´t even know how to describe it, but we totally went Jacob on him and said "Have you read the Scriptures" he said "yes" then we got him with "well then you don´t understand them". Owned.  But it was an interesting meeting with him. His daughter is a member and his wife is thinking about baptism but when we almost got her to commit, her husband, the weirdy, went off and started preaching some weird religion and all this crazy stuff. Crazy stuff.  The last instance this week where the "scriptures came alive" happens quite often.  The bus we take to our area also goes to the beach, so we always get on it and see tons of people headed down for a sunny day of fun. But anyways, some of Potiphor´s wives were trying to stand a little too close on the bus and tried to tempt us saying, "hey boys, why don´t you come to the beach with us!?" They didn´t take any articles of clothing, but it still makes me think of Joesph. haha.

I sent so many pictures that I forget which ones are there, but there is one of me at Casarabonela again, one with the familia martinez (the familia we are teaching) one of me and Alejandro, he is a member in our ward and the only member in his family, so we´re working on them. There is one of elder redd and I, me with a backpack. We had a FHE with the martinez family and we taught the word of wisdom.  So we had a push up contest but the backpack was filled with books and represented not living the word of wisdom, so obviously, it was super hard.  But the point was made and they had a lot of fun with it.  The little daughter who is 7, ran to the kitchen grabbed the moms box of coffee and put it in the backpack. It was pretty hilarious. But they get it! fun stuff.

And now I forgot the rest that I sent. OH! there should be one with me and the black pearl bar. Fun stuff. haha

Well I love and miss you all so much!



Friday, June 10, 2011

Baptismal Dates!

(sorry it took so long to get this up!! This is from Monday… –ashley)

My week -

So we have been teaching this family that we found and they are just golden.  They have accepted the gospel so easily and are just ready!  They´re from Argentina and they love the scriptures, and every time we meet with them something about how ready they are just amazes us! We were talking about faith and turned to Alma where he compares it to a seed and one of the sons. David (12) said "wait, I´ve read this before" and he told us that the other day he was super frusterated and felt that he should just open the scriptures and start reading, so thats what he did! WHAAAAAA! and of course he felt better! They´re just great! They finally came to church and it was great, at least until the 3rd hour when in priesthood they argued about tithing.  We haven´t taught tithing yet...so were a little worried about that. But the whole family has a baptismal date for the 26 of June! I´M SO EXCITED!

It is so cool to see your hard work pay off.  When I first got here, the ward really didn´t want anything to do with us.  But we have been visiting the less actives and re-activating them and this past sunday at testimony meeting, we had NINE investigators! NINE!  So the ward is seeing that we are working hard and now they just love us.  Everyday this week someone is feeding us and in the testimony meeting almost everyone talked about how much they loved having the missionaries at their houses and how when we came and left a scripture or a little spirtiual thought, it changed the atmosphre of their house or something to that effect. It was awesome! call me a sinner and prideful, but  I´m gonna take credit for a lot of it though. The members love me.  Its kinda funny because they don´t like my companion very much because he argues with them all the time and has had issues with ward members, but they like me lot! So I help to get us into the house and then they start to like both of us.  Its just fun.  But NINE investigators in one church meeting. It was awesome.

Well I don´t have too much else to report. I haven´t heard anything about E coli and hopefully it will stay that way!

I love and miss you all but I am excited to be here in Málaga. 

Oh, I hit the next level of spanish.  In our Piso (appartment) we have 4 elders but just the way it worked out is that Elder Blanch and I are in the same room and our two trainers sleep in the same room. Its super nice because It is nice to get a break from the comp every so often. but anyways, Elder Blanch told me last night that I was sleep talking, but get this! I was sleep talking in SPANISH! hahaha! sweet! haha.  He also told me that I have sleep talked almost every night this past week. Weird huh, I didn´t think I ever had a problem with that! weird!

But anyways, I love and miss you all and I hope that everything with the move goes smoothly!

Os quiro,


Oh yea,

the pictures.

Me and Hno. Gomez (Ward Mission leader) and he invited us to his house and he made Piea(I don´t know how to spell it) and it was SUPER good. I love that stuff!

100_0681Me at Nap time during Mediodía.  Hard work merits sleep. At least thats how we justify it. haha
100_0685A typical breakfast for Elder Hunt.  Toast with Nutella, a big bowl of cereal, and a orange juice. I love it. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sorry we’re a little late…

I´ve had quite the week.  I went up to Casarabonela (the birthplace of Antonio Banderas) a big pueblo out in the mountains and it was amazing.  well, we actually didn´t get much work done out of it, and our one reference out there didn´t want anything to do with us, but it was still super cool. I love little pueblos.  We called it the White City Minis Tirith because all the houses are white and its built up on the hill.  But it is way cool.  I love Spain!

But anyway...WE HAVE A FECHA! In english, we have a baptismal date! Woohoo! one of our investigators has a date for the 18 of june and on Friday we are gonna hit our golden family from Argentina with a baptismal commitment. It is so exciting! It is so great to see that all our hard work from just the first month is already starting to reap rewards!

With the APs on splits, we just saw miracle after miracle.  We had some appointments but almost all of them told us off, but right afterwards, we would talk to someone in that area and they were interested and now investigators.  Just in the 4 days we were on splits with them, we have 5 new investigators.  I just think its funny, basically all the members here arn´t from Spain.  When we talk to people on the street and we find out they are from Spain, its basically a lost cause, haha, but the South Americans and Africans are so accepting to the Gospel!

For 2 of the 4 days the APs were here with us, I was with one of them named Elder Del Molino, he is from Northern Spain and only speaks Spanish and I felt that my level of speaking and understanding just shot strait up because I was forced to ONLY speak in Spanish! It was great!

Man, I just can´t believe it about the new house. How cool is that! The other week was my 3 month birthday. Time sure has flown and I´ve only have 3 and a half weeks here in Málaga. I´m super bummed about that because I LOVE Málaga, yea its super hot and its just starting to get hotter...but I love it.

Oh, we just went on new summer hours. We wake up at 0730 were out the door at 1030 then we come back home from 1400-1700 then we go out and get back home at 2200! Its great, 3 hours at home...haha

But I´m still working hard!

I love you so much and love the letters!

Os quiro