Elder Hunt is out of the Mission Office!! New address is on the right! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Address and Pictures

**Jason’s new address is on the right** – Ashley

This week was pretty crazy!

Monday to Wednesday we just met with my converts in Elche because on Thursday, we moved up here to Alicante! We are white washing (neither my companion nor I have ever served in this area) and we are starting with absolutely nothing! It has been quite the experience!

We have been in the streets everyday contacting people walking by, or knocking on doors. From Thursday to Sunday night, we had filled up a page and a half of the missionary planner section for "potential investigators" (People that give us their name, address and number)

So all this time in the street has earned us a few miracles, so I will share one.

We got the information for a guy named Jose on Thursday and on Saturday he said we could stop by. We went on Saturday and he wasn't´t home, so we were pretty bummed. Sunday night comes around and we really wanted to have a lesson because we had only had one since getting to Alicante. I look at our list of futures and see Jose and think it would be best to visit him. well really, I didn't´t think of it, the spirit for sure told me! So we go to his building and ring the bell for where he told us he lived. Nothing. Since we had been knocking doors all day, I rang the top bell (it is an intercom system here) with the plan to ring and talk to all the people in the building. The top bell answers, and it was Jose! he ended up giving us the wrong number to his building (he has only lived there for a little while) and he let us in!

We talked with him and his wife and they are just awesome! The wife has been church hopping, going from one church to another looking for the truth. And he is Colombian and just ready as ever to get baptized! We had a nice lesson with them and we have another appointment with them tonight. We are so excited!

The week was quick and I am excited to start up another one!

I hope you can all write me letters soon to my new address! =]

Os quiero muxo


Mityu´s baptism, it was excellent! His dad, another one of my converts, baptized him. It was really special!
100_1127me and my waffle creation. It was delicious. Strawberries and cream!
100_1156That´s me looking over the huge city of Alicante!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crazy changes!

This past Tuesday the mission president called me again and told me that I would get a different elder to train and that we would go up to the city of Alicante and do a "White Wash"!

So right now, I am with Elder Triana (my last companion) and elder Bird (my new companion) in Elche while we wait for Elder Triana´s companion to get here on Thursday. So once Thursday comes, I´ll be in a different area!

So Next week I´ll send my new address!

We had a "trainer training" This past week in the mission home in Fuengirola and it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. I was so excited to pick up my new companion!

I got paired with Elder Bird from Las Vegas area Nevada. He is great! I love the guy already! He is very quiet but he has some raw new missionary energy and that is very helpful.

When I first picked him up, we went back to the apartment and put the bags down then we sat at the table. Before we planned for the next day, I bore my testimony to him and told him what was in store. It was a great experience and a great foot to start our new companionship. After I finished, I asked if he had anything he would like to say and he just had a big ol smile on his face. It was great. I am so excited to have a fresh new missionary! I am a little worried about white washing an area WHILE training, but it will be alright. I´m more excited for it than I am worried for it!

Well, I´m running out of time, So I guess I close.

I got to bare my testimony for my Elche ward for the last time, and boy it was rough. This area has been so good to me and I am so sad to say goodbye. We had Mityo´s baptism yesterday ( I would send a picture, but the computer I am using is a dinosaur) and I don´t think there could have been a better way to finish working in one area. It was a great baptism and we had lots of support from the members.

Os quiero mucho!

our BBQ for the trainer Training
BBQElder Bird and I pointing at Zion!
Elcheon the couches, enjoying a moment with Elder Barney during the trainer training

Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Stories

This week was a good one,
But today I´ve got 2 stories.

The First one is more spiritual and the 2nd a bit silly.
Roberto was baptized a couple weeks ago and he invited his brother to the ordinance. His brother felt the spirit very strongly and this past week we were finally able to meet with him and start the lessons. He accepted the baptismal invitation and as we were going to give him his own book of Mormon he said, no, I´ve already got one. We thought oh, well maybe Roberto gave him one. Angel. Roberto´s brother, put a smile on his face and said, its actually a pretty cool story. He started to tell us that when the 2 of them were headed off to work they saw a group of guys throwing away some wood and other furniture supplies. Roberto and Angel do home remodeling and so they stopped the guys and asked if they could take the supplies. They said go for it and they could also have all the stuff in the piles.  The loaded up their car and as Angel was going through the piles to be thrown away, he found a book of Mormon! It was a little dirty but regardless, it was a libro de Mormon! He told us that he felt like Joseph Smith when he first got the plates. (How he knew about that I really don´t know, we haven´t taught him yet!)  It was really cool and a testimony that the lord is preparing his children to hear his gospel, whether we know about it or not, people are being prepared! It was so cool to hear this story come from him!

Ok, story number two!
So this morning, Pday morning, the alarm goes off at 7 (our day starts at 7 in the morning as opposed to most missions) and my companion says, hey, its pday, 5 more minutes. I´m not gonna argue with a suggestion like that so I grab the phone and think I press snooze. Ends up, I hit "stop" instead of "snooze" and thus turned off the alarm. So our 5 extra minutes ends up turning into a little bit longer. For the mission president, we set a ringtone especially for him. It is a bunch of machine guns and explosions going off. So at 830, we hear gun shots and explosions coming from the cell phone. We both shoot straight out the bed and I run to the phone. I cough 4 or 5 times to clear my throat and then I answer it. He called to tell me that next week I have to go to Malaga to pick up my new companion who I am going to train. The whole time my hands were shaking and I was just thinking to myself, he knows he knows he knows! I felt so bad! Last time I "hit" snooze!
It was pretty funny but in the moment, man, I was scared. haha.
So there it is, next week I will get to pick up my next companion! He is from Chile. this will be my third native companion in a row. My Spanish has improved a ton. This past Sunday, yesterday, one of the speakers bailed out, so they asked me to speak. After the meetings, some of the members were commenting to me about how fast I talk. I just told them its natural. Its in my Mexican blood! ;p

well, os quiero mucho! I hope to hear from you all soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My first oyster

My week went by REALLY fast!

I don´t even know where to start because the week really seemed like one day! Crazy stuff.
Well we found out why one of our investigators doesn't´t want to get baptized! He has been saying he wants to get baptized, but not now, or now isn’t his moment. He doesn't´t have his papers so he feels bad about it so he won´t get baptized, when we found out I was thinking to myself, what!? that's it! God´s laws are higher than man´s laws man! but we´ll keep working with him and see what we can do.

For Pday, we went to a Chinese buffet and it was EXCELLENT. MMM...it was good. We went with an investigator from the other elders in Elche (the guy who had the angel wings) He really is the coolest. Too bad his profession isn’t in line with gospel standards.

But he made us all eat an oyster. Never tried one before. He (Atilla) grabbed a plate of 6 (there were 6 of us) oysters and every one had to grab there own. I thought we were going to eat them last, but everyone grabbed one and said they would do it now. So I got the last pick oyster. Normally, the oyster shell is flat-ish, but mine, the last pick, was deep. I mean, this oyster was fat, well fed and just big. I’ll send a picture of the shell next week. So we toasted oysters and went bottoms up. It wasn't´t too bad, but the texture was a little weird. But it was a fun experience, the first time I are an oyster!

Things are going great for me here in Elche. I love this place. I am so glad I get to stay for 6 more weeks! We have really baptized all our investigators so we are back to searching, but we´ve got lots of references lined up from members so things should start picking up soon for us.

The other day we went up to a little pueblo that has never had missionaries go there before. We were the first! So we left the entire day for this little pueblo. We knocked doors and contacted all day. A couple people gave us their information, but well see what comes of it. That really is one thing I think is pretty neat about my mission, is that there are areas that have never had missionaries before, we´re out here trying to get things started. It really is pretty neat. But we knocked on a door and this lady was being really rude and told us she had zero interest in what we had to say, her rudeness got to me a bit and I kinda yelled back at her and told her that what we had to say is the most important news the world has ever known, she looked a little taken aback, but still closed the door quickly.

The week was good and I look forward to another one!

Os Quiero mucho,