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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Strong British Names

Thanks for the letter family. Sorry this one will be short, but we can talk in basically a week. I have been on a bus since 830 this morning and it is now 1800. My new comp comes in from the MTC tomorrow so the trainers came in today (pday) to the mission home. So i have been on the bus all day.

I was in Torrevieja with my MTC buddy Elder Kirkham all week and that was a blast.

We picked olives for a service project and it was a lot of fun. A member invited his neighbor to come to the service project and turns out, he was already friends with a bunch of the youth. They invited him to church and he loved it. (the branch there is half english half spanish there are a TON of old british people that live there. I got to translate) But anyway, after church he went to the branch choir practice and he just couldn´t get enough.
We talked to him and all we talked about was Christ and baptism and he was all for it. It was a good lesson and he has been very prepared. It was a really cool experience.

At Church I was standing next to elder kirkham and a nice old british sister looks at our name tags and says "Hunt, Kirkham. That is what I like to see, strong British names." It was pretty funny. I love British people. They are so funny. It was also magical to listen to an English member give a talk about Christmas. Something about English accents and Christmas made it feel like Christmas was really coming!

Well anyway, I´ve got to get going. I have no idea what is going to happen for Christmas, timetable wise. But I will hopefully let you know next week!

I love you! Sorry This is short!

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